Dont Forget Folks we are a not for profit co. We are here to be able to help others !

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Resistance Clothing Co.


                      If we fight we might lose                 However, if we dont fight we have already lost ! 

Welcome to Resistance Clothing. On our website you find top quality T-shirt’s  at affordable prices. We work closely along side our suppliers to bring you great tees with great designs . We know that when you receive your purchase you will be more than satisfied.

Resistance Clothing co. Is a not for profit company. We are endeavouring to be a social enterprise in the future to help people in the country less fortunate than others. All our Tshirts are high quality and well made. the printing is also of a high quality and long lasting.

Custom Designs.

Do You have a business or a group with a logo?

We can offer a printing service on Tshirts, Hoodies, Hi Viz garments as well as Mugs Promotional bags etc.

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Unisex Hoodies

Great Quality Hoodies for Men and Women

Youtube Channel

We have recently set up our new youtube channel.

Please subscribe and we can share more resistance based videos etc with you as we develop further.

Our first vid on there is for the yellow vest movement

Resistance Clothing Co.

Our best sellers so far!

Some of our best seller in tshirts!

Northern Soul & MOD popular designs

Tshirts with the famous Mod and northern soul designs


Latest Goth designs

Here are some of our latest goth designs !

Grunge Inspired designs

latest Grunge designs from The Resistance Clothing Co.

Custom printed Hi Viz Vests .. discounts for bulk orders

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Popular Mugs

11 oz microwaveable mugs